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Frequently Asked Questions

What all the hype about?
The hype around Lowly is about its unique blend of flavors, refreshing taste, and its commitment to quality. It's a hard seltzer that stands out in the market for its exceptional drink experience.
What is Lowly?
Lowly is a vodka-based Hard Seltzer known for its delicious taste and low-calorie content. It's a perfect choice for those who seek a refreshing beverage that doesn't compromise on flavor or quality.
Where Can I Buy Lowly?
We are currently listed in Systembolaget's online assortment. For restaurants, nightclubs, and businesses, we are available at
What Makes Lowly Different for other Hard Seltzers?
Lowly differentiates itself by offering a unique blend of natural flavors and a commitment to quality. We partner with pioneers in the beverage industry to ensure you get the best possible taste in every can.
What's inside a Lowly in terms of nutrition?
Lowly is low in calories and does not contain added sugars. For specific nutritional information, please refer to the product label.
Is Lowly Glutenfree?
Yes, Lowly is gluten-free, making it a suitable choice for individuals with gluten sensitivities.
What's is the Shelf Life of Lowly?
The shelf life of Lowly typically ranges from 12 to 18 months when stored in a cool, dry place. Check the expiration date on the packaging for precise details.
How Can I sell Lowly?
If you are interested in selling Lowly, please contact our sales and distribution team through our website or provided contact information. We welcome partnerships with distributors and retailers.
How Can I Work for Lowly?
To explore career opportunities with Lowly please contact us via email.